Victoria Kaufman
Victoria Kaufman
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InteractiveCrypto Mobile App

End-to-end Cryptocurrency Mobile App

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Client: Marketing66

My Role: UX Researcher & Designer, Project Manager, UI Designer

Background: With the popularity of the desktop site rising, InteractiveCrypto's owners have decided to create a mobile application for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The app will create a highly personalised experience for the user and serve as a helpful comanion when choosing their investments.

Objective: I have been asked to design an application from end-to-end that allows the user to create an account, track their investments, create a portfolio of their assets, read the latest in cryptocurrency news, set alerts for price changes, and be able to write on the message boards with the InteractiveCrypto community.



Stage 1: Research



Competitive Analysis

To start this project I conducted a very long research process that involved downloading and testing dozens of trading companion apps, for both crypto and other trading instruments. I created detailed notes on all my experiences and separated each app based on their strongest features. The features I was looking for was portfolio, watchlist, alerts, charts, news and commenting, as well as anything extra that elevated the app to the next level. I also looked at user reviews from the Google Play store and on online communities like Reddit to see what people were interested in seeing in their trading applications.

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State 2: Define



Feature Matrix

Using the results from my research phase and from already having made the InteractiveCrypto website, I made a google doc with all the features I wanted to include in this application. Some already exist in the website, like news and live feed, and some would be brand new, like portfolio and alerts.

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Application Map

I created an Application Map to show the relationship between content on the future site. This was the first visual step I took in my design of this application.  Since I already created the InteractiveCrypto desktop site I had a base for moving forward.

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User Flow

I created a number of proposed user flows for the app including making a portfolio, adding a coin to the watchlist, and setting an alert. This helped solve potential problems along the way before I started designing screens.



Stage 3: Design




Once the features and pages were set, I set to work creating the wireframes of my design. Each section of this application was very technically challenging so I tackled each feature separately and after doing a lot of research. While I had already made a website, designing for an application is very different and I approached this project with a more personalized take for the user that would be more useful on the go.

UI Screens

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chart short.png
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Stage 4: Test



Prototype and Testing

I created a working prototype of my mobile app using the prototyping tool InVision. I tested out the prototype on volunteers to see what features of the app worked well and what needed be improved. After prototyping I revised my design to be more user-friendly.

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What's Next?

The next step for the InteractiveCrypto app is to start coding! After I sent my designs to the developers I acted as a consultant for the development phase and was there to make any necessary changes that arose while creating the app. Once everything was pixel perfect we released the app on android and iOS.